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Capt Hirams Loyalty Card
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Loyalty Rewards Card

We wanted to find an effective way to reward our regular customers for visiting Capt Hiram's, so we came up with the Capt Hiram's Loyalty Rewards Card. This card enables you to earn back cash for having a good time at Capt Hiram's Restaurant and SandBar.

Pick up your card from your bartender or server during your next visit and start earning immediately. Then when you get home, be sure to sign up for the Loyalty Email List for additional discounts.  You no longer need to/can register your card online.

Benefits of Plan (as of March 3, 2014):

  • Customer earns points for each dollar spent at Capt Hiram’s Restaurant & SandBar
  • Food Points – for each $1 spent on any food purchase 1 point is earned on card
  • Drink Points – for each $1 spent on any beverage purchase, alcohol or non alcohol, 1 point is earned on the card
  • When point value reaches 625, $25 a certificate will be printed on the bottom of your guest check, which will act as a cash certificate to be used at the Resort.  Make sure to treat this like cash and safe guard it until ready to use.
  • Additional discounts will be offered from time to time for card holders – such as % off particular items, bogos, etc.
  • Loyalty Card holders get Happy Hour Drink Specials extended to 3PM -6PM on Saturdays and Sundays TOO!
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